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Molinaro slashes sales taxes, as he makes bid for Congress

Marc Molinaro has served the county government for many years as a member of the legislature as well as the County Executive and during this period he has consistently raised the county sales tax.

The tenure by Molinaro resulted in a huge increase in sales tax as the sales tax of Dutchess County surpassed the very expensive Westchester County. It was not a very long time ago when Westchester pleaded with the state to increase its sales so that can be free from the deficit which they caught again. Dutchess County’s hefty 8.125% sales tax is among the highest in New York State as New York City has had no sales tax on clothing for years.

A new sales tax on energy was implied by Molinaro in 2012. The application of the new energy tax included home heating oil, gasoline, propane, and firewood. The reason behind imposing an energy tax was to control the tax payment by declining the usage of heat in homes. The huge backlash and outcry in 2012 resulted from this imposition made the County Execute revert his decision and repeal this regulation after only six months.

Molinaro is now a candidate for Congress in 2022 and has not taken up the responsibility to slash the sales tax on clothing which he imposed and consistently reinstated on his constituents.  As a member of the New York State Legislature, Molinaro consistently voted for two years to repose the “temporary” tax, and as County Executive has renewed the tax for the last 12 years.

 In 2009, when Democrats controlled the County Legislature, the sales tax on clothing and shoes under $100 was eliminated. When Republicans gained control back two years later, the sales tax was reinstated.

Molina seeks to slash taxes in his last year as County Executive as he looks to secure victory in his congressional run against Antonio Delgado. Molinaro is leaving taxpayers with a pricey bill for his $200 million new jail facility which will explode the debt service by 2025, leaving an enormous hole in county taxpayers’ budget and pockets.

Democrats in the county legislature have been quick to point out the hypocrisy behind Molinaro’s newfound position as he’s never been the one to repeal the sales tax on clothing as an issue of working people. Playing politics with the county sales tax is nothing new for Molinaro.  Molinaro famously gutted the sales tax revenue sharing program to localities, creating large deficits in the City of Poughkeepsie – to the tune of some $15 to $18 million over the last ten years.

You know the adage of politicians baring gifts at election time – you are paying for it anyway.

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